man on tree pruning treesTrees are amazing plants that do not only provide shade and oxygen, they also enhance the environment they are in. If you have trees on your property, you need to understand the importance of pruning the trees. Pruning can be done at different times of the year depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Removing Low Hanging Branches

One of the reasons why you need to prune your trees is to remove low hanging branches. This is important if you have a tree that hangs over the sidewalk because these branches will be impeding traffic. Low hanging branches can cause problems for pedestrians and cyclists as they make it harder to get around the tree.

Pruning these branches will not only help pedestrians and cyclists, it will also help drivers. The branches could be obscuring traffic signs which could cause an accident. Tree limbs growing in front of signs will not only potentially cause accidents, it will make it harder for drivers and disrupt the flow of traffic in the area.

Reducing Leaf Disease

Pruning your trees is important for the health of the trees as well. Leaf disease is something that can affect healthy trees if there is not enough air flow between the branches. When you prune your trees, you will be increasing the flow of air to the branches which will lower the risks of leaf disease.

There are other diseases and tree problems that are caused by a lack of air flow. Fungus and parasitic plants can take hold if there is not enough air. This is due to the fact that these plants and fungi will thrive in dark and closed spaces. If you do not take steps to prevent these issues, you will have major problems later on.

Reducing Excess Shade

In hot climates, people choose trees that offer them a lot of shade, but this is not always a good thing. If you have other plants that you want to thrive in your garden, you need to avoid excessive shade. Too much shade can hamper the growth of certain plant and grass which could make your garden very bare.

If you have a large tree, you also need to prune the upper branches to ensure that the lower ones are able to get the sun that they need. Pruning upper branches will also ensure that rainwater is able to reach the ground close to the base of the tree which is important.arborist pruning tree

Removal Of Dead Branches

One of the primary reasons why you should prune your trees is to remove any dead or damaged branches. These branches can cause a number of problems for you, your property and the tree. Weakened and dead branches pose a risk to anyone who is walking below the tree as they can fall at any time. When these branches do fall, they could damage the branches that are below them which will cause further issues for your tree and result in further hazards.