If you want to make sure that your trees have the best possible chance of growing, you will want to consider using proper tree care strategies. It’s not enough to simply water them or to make sure that they have their annual dose of compost. There are many techniques that arborist will use in order to keep a tree healthy. If you have not been thinking about the health of your trees, but you have noticed that they have problems, it might be time to do so. The following tips will make it easier for you to get your trees back to normal.

Common Problems That Trees Can Develop

Some of the most common problems that trees can develop will include wilting leaves, branches that turned black, and bark that begins to fall off. You may also notice that there is mold developing on the base of the tree, and the top of the tree might be dead. If you have seen all of these things begin to occur, or if they are moving in full force, is time to do something that is quite drastic.

Tips On Pruning Your Tree

When you prune your tree, you are not only shaping it into something much more appealing, but you are removing excess branches that can cause it to become unhealthy. Additionally, you may notice that some of them are turning black, or that the leaves are beginning to wilt. It is possible that disease is in these branches and they need to be removed. You need to start with a notch at the bottom of the tree branch. You will then cut from the top-slicing at all the way through. You should do this every third branch in order to thin everything out. You should also start from the top and work your way down.

What Type Of Fertilizer Will Work Best With Your Trees?

The fertilizer that tends to work best with trees is going to be nitrogen, although you need to also add additional nutrients. Trees absolutely need potassium and phosphorus, and this should be highly potent, especially if you are trying to repair damaged fruit trees. This must not be added to young trees until they are several years old. If you have older trees, once a year is fine. The only other time that you should accelerate this is if you have a tree with multiple problems. This can help build its immune system back up to normal.

Look For Bug Infestations

If you have noticed that there are Bug infestations in your tree, you will need to get pesticides out. The longer that they are able to inhabit the tree, the sooner it will eventually get sick and die. For this, you can purchase pesticides at a local home improvement store that will have them, or even a nursery. By using this in the areas where the bugs can be seen, you can eliminate the problem.

If you have not done any of this for your trees before, they are going to start looking much more healthy than they have in years. You may have noticed a few problems showing up. By addressing these issues immediately, you give your trees the best possible chance of recovering and growing for many years to come. Just make sure that you are using the proper fertilizer for each tree, and that you are constantly monitoring their health. These tips will help you care for your trees properly so that they will continue to produce fruit, leaves, and will live for many decades into the future.