Trees add beauty to every yard and they also help maintain the overall health of the environment. Trees can provide decades of lasting beauty but they need to be cared for properly to stay healthy. The following tips will help you care for your trees so that they thrive for years.

Watering your trees is simple. Most of the time they only require natural rainfall to stay hydrated. If a drought occurs, you should water them using a garden hose. Be sure the moisture gets to the roots and stays there. You can do this by making certain your trees have a few inches of mulch around their trunks. Pack the mulch loosely so that the water can get through to the soil and the tree roots.

Occasional feedings will also help your trees stay healthy. A deep-root feed can be done once a year during the fall. Nitrogen solutions are sold at home and garden centers. They are injected into the roots with a special feeder.

Another tip for keeping your trees healthy is pruning them. This lets any overgrowth from branches and leaves go so that sunlight can get through to the rest of the tree. It also helps rainfall get into the soil and the roots. Always be cautious if your tree branches get caught up in overhead wires. If you need help pruning these branches consult your local arborist.

A large tree shades the front area

Trimming branches is another job you will want to do. Trees that flower should be trimmed properly after they bloom. Different trees will have different requirements for pruning and trimmings. If you need help identifying the species you can and should speak with your local arborist or tree service for more information and suggestions on their care.

Another reason it helps to know the species of trees you have is so that you can keep on top of watching any changes. Diseases and pests can attack but you can stop them from addressing problems as soon as you notice them. If leaves are displaying holes or falling off branches before the autumn, the tree should be looked at by an expert.

Sometimes pruning away the diseased branches will solve the problem. Another sign of disease or infestation is flaking bark. If it crumbles in your hand when you touch it, it is a sign that the tree needs help.

Sometimes the problem will cause the bark to look like black soot. Call your arbor professional for help in treating the problem. Most trees will respond well to a course of treatment so the sooner you act when you notice something wrong, the better the tree will do.

Trees give every yard and outdoor space a special beauty. Trees require a little care and special attention from time to time. Water them, feed them or fertilize them as needed and they will grow to be healthy. If you are ever unsure about what to do, consult your landscape service or arborist for suggestions.