There are many great benefits to having trees in your yard. Trees offer shade in areas where the sun may be shining through windows causing the house to heat up. That shade can help to cool the house and allow for some relief from the brilliant sun in the heat of the summer.

Many homeowners plant trees to offer some relief from the sun on the east and west sides of their home. This is a great idea and will work as long as the homeowners choose trees that will give plenty of shade. The branches will have to be maintained as the tree ages however, they offer a lot when it comes to sun breaks.

Another great benefit of having trees in the yard is that they offer some privacy. If you’re living in an area that has a lot of population you may wish to have a more private yard. You can relax out in your yard and feel more at ease if you don’t feel like the neighbors can see everything that you’re doing in your yard.

By choosing large trees to help keep the yard somewhat more private you can readily achieve this goal. It’s easy to look around the neighborhood and see what sorts of trees other neighbors have planted in their yards to improve privacy in their yards.

Beautiful horse ranch with charming house and landscape If you’re in a noisy area that has a lot of traffic you may wish to do something to cut back on the sound of the traffic. There are many great varieties of trees that will help to buffer the sound if they’re planted around the perimeter of the yard.

The trees will help to absorb the sound of traffic and improve the sound within the home. It’s nice to not have to compete with the outside sounds when you’re trying to watch a movie.

Windbreaks are nice in areas where the wind is blowing heavily. Older homesteads often used poplar trees for this purpose. Everyone’s driven down the highway and seen a row of trees near older homesteads.

The trees offer a windbreak that will help to reduce the wind velocity in their yard. Trees are a valuable resource when it comes to blocking the wind. Many people will plant several rows of trees so that the windbreak is stronger.

Fruit trees are a favorite for people who want to have a bit more out of their trees. From apple trees to peach or pear trees and even nut trees there are a variety of ways to benefit from trees in your yard. Many people plant trees for dual purposes. Trees can also offer a great curb appeal to a home.

Homes that don’t have any trees in the yard tend to look barren and empty. Homeowners that plant trees are investing in their future and gaining a new curb appeal and look for their homes. They also increase the homes resale value of the home and the yard.